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When me and my friend took a flight of the B17G "Yankee Lady" my friend video tapped the entire event. Here are a few clips from that day.
You will need Divx 5 codec or higher to see these videos.


Get inside
Go inside, crew chief Norm Ellickson gives us the "lowdown" : 42 seconds, 22 Mega Bytes
Look back
From the radio room looking back towards the ball turret and waist section. : 36s, 26 MB
Number three and four engine start
Number three and four engines are started : 39s, 26 MB
Engine rev up
Engines are revved up before takeoff : 22s, 12 MB
Take off
Take off and view of area surrounding Republic Airport through radio room window : 1m 33s, 52 MB
Waist gunner view
View through the left and right waist gunner window. My seat was right across the left waist gunner window.     1m 44s, 40 MB
Going towards cockpit
Dave heads up to the cockpit, notice the plank across the bomb-bay which you have to walk across.                    1m 14s, 48 MB
View through nose
View through nose section, including the infamous Norden Bomb sight. : 59s, 37 MB
Bombardier's chair
View of bombardier's chair, including the remote for the chin turret (seen on the right). 11s, 7 MB
Big engines
View of the number one and two engines while in flight. : 45s, 18 MB
View through right window for radio room as we were landing, first we went over a highway. 54s, 25 MB
Engines start
Now starting the videos from the outside. Engines start up for the next flight. 1m 45s, 62 MB
Taxi away
The lady taxis away for the next flight. 1m 25s, 52 MB
Take off
Take off and fly over. 1m, 22 MB
Coming back - Part 1
Taxing back - Part 1. We missed her landing because the flight was shorter than expected. 1m 30s, 57 MB
Coming back - Part 2
Taxi in near hangar, nice parking job! 1m 38s, 66 MB

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